• Abiquiú Steak Marinade

    Not a lot of heat but incredible taste. Just mix with oil & water or red wine. Great with steak but try it with fish & pork, too. Not everybody is a Georgia O'Keefe fan so this is also sold under the name Creole Rub.
  • Green Jalapeño Powder


    Named after Jalapa state in Veracruz Mexico, the Jalapeño is one of the most popular chiles around. It’s widely available fresh but our powder is a quick and easy way to add flavor to almost every dish – including ice cream!

  • Hatch Green Chile


    We use only the finest New Mexico green chiles for this one. An essential for Southwestern cooking. Also available roasted and then either dried or frozen – ask us for more details.

  • Chile Pequin

    A fiery little pepper, the Pequin is also known as the bird pepper and is a favorite for spicing up sauces, salsas, and other dishes. It has a sweet, slightly smoky flavor with hints of citrus, corn, and nuts.
  • Chile Negro

    Often referred to simply as chile Pasilla or Pasilla Negro, this extremely long and wrinkled pod is black in color.  In Spanish, Pasa means raisin.  Chile Negro means black chile.  The gentle full bodied flavor of the Chile Negro is invaluable for making sauces and mole.
  • Chile Mulato

    Sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Pasilla, the Mulato is actually a type of dried Poblano. A bit smokier than the Ancho but without the depth of flavor.

    Like the ancho, the Mulato is a type of dried poblano, and combined with the ancho and negro chiles, the mulato is an essential ingredient in making the classic mole sauce. 

  • We source these chiles from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico which is renowned for growing the highest quality chiles with phenomenal flavor.

  • Chile Habañero

    The hottest pepper you’ll typically find, so take care when handling. Remember, a little goes a long way!
  • Chile Guajillo


    The Guajillo is related to the Pulla and slightly spicier than the Ancho. Delicious with seafood, great for making sauces, and popular in salsas (try it with tomatillos for a mild, tasty salsa).

  • Meaning “tree-like”, the de Arbol is a member of the cayenne family. This bright, red, long pointed pepper is a popular ingredient in sauce.

  • Chile Chipotle


    A smoked jalapeño pepper with a smoky, sweet taste and a medium, lingering heat. Use in sauces, soups and stews. Great with chocolate.

  • This is a special blending of two of the worlds best tasting chiles. Both grown in New Mexico, it combines the chiles grown in the famous Hatch Valley and the scarce chile from the area of Chimayo.

  • Chile Cascabel

    Chile Cascabel looks like a reddish-brown bell and rattles (its name literally means “rattle”) when you shake it. This chile is a favorite for sauces and soups.
  • Crushed New Mexico red chile adds a distinctive flavor to salsas, soups and rubs. Dried red chile pod ground to a crushed form are used to make chile con carne or red chile enchiladas.

  • Chile Ancho


    One of the three key chiles – the “holy trinity” – used in traditional Mole sauces. Has a sweet taste with a mild, fruity flavor. Sometimes used in place of Chile Mulato.


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