GOLDEN CHILE FRAMEToday we’re awarding the Golden Chile to someone who speaks eloquently and passionately for all us non-native heat-lovers. We may not have the genes of chile-popping people, but we’ve more than made up for it with a profound love—obsession might be a better word—for the feeling that peppers give us. That warmth! That kick to the senses! That anything-but-subtle reminder that, yes, we are very, very lucky to be alive!



Her name is Thomasina Miers and she’s the author of the aptly titled, Chilli Notes: Recipes to Warm the Heart (Not Burn the Tongue) and the co-founder of Wahaca restaurants.

She was recently featured in this beautiful “Nowness” video, preparing preserved peppers and speaking about her bottomless love for culinary heat. As our mission is to “Spread the Chile Love,” we couldn’t agree more with what she has to say. You can follow this link, or click on any of this post’s larger images to see the video: Preserving Chilies with Thomasina Miers on