Adobo Sauce: A red sauce typically made from tomato puree, paprika, salt, onions, oil, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves and oregano. We offer a Chipotle Chile in Adobo sauce. Puree the chiles and use as a sauce or in marinades and dressings. Great mixed with mayonnaise for an extra zing.

Ají: This is the common name given to chiles in South America and some parts of the Caribbean.

Ancho: The Ancho is a dried Poblano chile. It is one of the three key chiles – the “holy trinity” – used in traditional Mole sauces. It has a sweet, fruity taste. The name Ancho comes from the Spanish for “wide” or “broad” and refers to its distinctive shape. It is sometimes used in place of Chile Mulato. We offer Organic Ancho Powder, All Natural Powder and Whole Pods.


CascabelLooks like a reddish-brown bell and rattles (its name means “rattle” in Spanish) when you shake it. A favorite for sauces and soups. We offer Whole Pods.


CayenneThe Chile de Arbol and Guajillo are both types of Cayenne. Cayenne brings a hot, pungency to food. We offer an Organic Cayenne Powder.


ChimayóChimayó is a small village about 30 minutes north of Santa Fe. It’s known for its small but superb crop of chiles. Our Chimayó Spice Blend is a combination of the New Mexico Red grown in the Hatch Valley and the New Mexico Red grown in the fertile valleys of Chimayó.

ChipotleChipotle is a smoked jalapeño pepper with a sweet taste and a medium to hot, lingering heat. The name is Spanish and comes from the Nahuatl chilpotle (chil = hot pepper and potle = smoked). Traditionally, jalapenos were smoked because their skins were too thick for air-drying. They’re great in sauces, soups and stews and even chocolate (trust us!). We offer an Organic Powder, Organic Whole Pods, All Natural Powder and Whole Pods. We also offer them Canned with red Adobo sauce.


de ÁrbolMeaning “tree-like”, the de Arbol is a member of the cayenne family. This bright red, long and pointed pepper is a popular ingredient in sauces. We offer de Árbol in Powder and Whole Pods.


GuajilloThe Guajillo is related to the Pulla and slightly spicier than the Ancho. It’s common in North and Central Mexico. It’s delicious with seafood, great for making sauces, and popular in salsas (try it with tomatillos for a mild, tasty salsa). We offer Guajllo in Whole Pods.


Green JalapeñoNamed after Jalapa state in Veracruz Mexico, the Jalapeño is one of the most popular chiles around. The Jalapeño pod measures about 2-3” but packs a fiery punch. You can find it fresh but our powder is a quick and easy way to add flavor to almost every dish – including ice cream! We offer our Green Jalapeño in Powder. Also check out our Chipotles, which are smoked Jalapeños.


HabaneroThe Habanero is lantern-shaped with a fiery heat. It’s ideal in sauces but careful – this is a hot one! A general rule of thumb is one teaspoon of powder equals one fresh habanero. We offer Habaneros Chiles in Powder and Whole Pods.


HatchOff Interstate 25, between Las Cruces and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, lies the small village of Hatch. Hatch is synonymous with chiles. We source many of our chiles from Hatch because the quality is outstanding and the taste can’t be beat. You’ll find Hatch chiles in our Hot Molido and Mild Molido along with many of our Spice Mixes.

MolidoWe source these chiles from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico which is renowned for growing the highest quality chiles with phenomenal flavor. Choose from either our Molido Hot or Molido Mild Powders.


Mulato: Sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Pasilla, the Mulato is actually a type of dried Poblano. It’s dark brown – almost black – and a bit smokier than the Ancho. We offer our Mulato in Whole Pods.


NegroOften referred to simply as Chile Pasilla or Pasilla Negro, this extremely long and wrinkled pod is black in color (negro means “black” in Spanish). It’s also known as Morilla. The gentle, full-bodied flavor of the Chile Negro makes it ideal for sauces and mole. We offer Negro chile in Whole Pods.


New Mexico RedNew Mexico has been growing – and enjoying – chiles since at least the 16th or early 17th century. Lots of sunny days and hot temperatures make Southern, New Mexico ideal for growing chiles. We source our New Mexico Red from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico, an area renowned for producing the highest quality chiles with phenomenal flavor. We offer Organic New Mexico Red in Flakes, Powder and Whole Pods.


PequinA fiery little pepper, the Pequin is also known as the bird pepper and is a favorite for spicing up sauces, salsas, and other dishes. You’ll also found it spelled “piquin”. The name comes from the Spanish pequeño, meaning small. Wild pequins – called chiltepins – grow in the Sonoran desert in Mexico where they’re believe to protect against evil sorcerers. The pequin has a sweet, slightly smoky flavor with hints of citrus, corn, and nuts. We offer our Pequin in Flakes.