Remember the old Remington razor ads? We’re talking the late ‘80’s, so we know it’s a stretch. Anyway, this guy, Victor Kiam owned the company. He starred in their TV commercials saying he liked Remington razors so much he bought the company.

That’s kind of what we did. (But substitute chiles for razors. We’re so crazy about chiles, that we bought Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico over 10 years ago. And let’s face it, chiles are a lot better tasting, right?

Why chiles? We could say they’re really good for you (which they are). We could tell you they’re both an ingredient in cooking and a spice (which is true). But the real reason is we love them. They’re our desert island-can’t-live-without-them-put-‘em-on-everything-food.

The Chile Trail is our way to spread some chile love. A little bit of travel, a lot of food and boat-loads of chile.

Lets hit the trail.
The Chile Boys
Chuck & Ian