• Posole – or hominy – is made by removing the outer layer of corn kernels and then drying them. The posole is then soaked and cooked (traditionally with cubed pork) until tender and the kernels have “bloomed”.
  • Posole is a thick soup that is hearty enough to serve as a main course. Cook with beef, pork or chicken for a traditional Southwestern meal.

  • Mexican Oregano


    Native to Mexico, Mexican oregano has notes of mild licorice and citrus, but shares the basic pungent flavor of the more common Mediterranean oregano. Mexican oregano is a necessary ingredient in the preparation of many Southwestern dishes. “Just a pinch will do.”

  • Epazote


    Frequently used in Southern Mexico, this herb has an untamed flavor that goes very well in stews and with seafood. It is often cooked with beans of all types to reportedly reduce their gaseousness. Epazote is also used in making tea.

  • Corn Husks


    Corn husks are the traditional wrappers for tamales. These husks only need to be immersed in water for a short time until they are soft, pliable and ready to use.

  • Blue Corn Meal


    Makes a delicious corn bread. Add crushed red chiles for an added bite.

  • Blue Corn Flour


    Make your own Blue Corn tortillas with our flour. Also great for breads and other baked goods.

  • Chipotles en Adobo are smoky chipotle chiles in a tomato-vinegar sauce. To use, just add a few chipotles (whole or pureed) with a bit of the adobo sauce to soups, stews, and sauces. Spicy! Los Chileros heat level 4 out of 4. 7 oz can.
  • Achiote is one of Mexico’s most popular ingredients because it gives food an amazing earthy flavor and a spectacular red hue. Smear over fish and grill or rub into pork before braising or roasting. Dilute with vinegar or olive oil to create a marinade for just about everything.

  • Taos Steak & Fish Rub


    A mild rub that packs a lot of flavor.

  • Taco & Burrito Mix


    Give your tacos and burritos an authentic taste with our special spice blend.

  • Southwestern Mole Mix


    All the flavor of a complicated Mexican mole sauce without the work! Our blend contains cocoa, chile and spices

  • We combine New Mexico and Arbol chiles for this one so you’ve got a bit of heat (add some habanero powder if you’re feeling crazy) with a good depth of flavour. It’s our choice for making a traditional chuckwagon chile – just add Santa Fe Chile Seasoning to cubed or ground beef. Kidney beans, grated cheese, sour cream and tomatoes all optional extras.

  • The special blend of red and green chiles makes this a favorite. In the southwest, this is also called Christmas Salsa.

  • Salsa Roja Mix


    Add chopped onions, tomatoes and cilantro or a can of stewed tomatoes and you have a mighty tasty salsa.


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