Achiote Paste
Description Achiote is one of Mexico's most popular ingredients because it gives food an amazing earthy flavor and a spectacular red hue.  Smear over fish and grill or rub into pork before braising or roasting.  Dilute with vingar or olive oil to create a marinade for just about everything.
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6 1/2 pounds

This recipe uses the following products:

Achiote Paste

Dilute paste in vinegar or olive oil with a little salt to marinate beef, pork, poultry or fish.
Additional Tips

Paste de Achiote (Achiote Paste)

Modo de usar: Diluya la pasta en vinagre o aceite de oliva con un poco de sal para adobar carne de res, de puerco o cualquier tipo de carne blanca. Suficiente para 6 libras y media.

La Pasta de Achiote contiene benzonato de sodio a como de perservativo.


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